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The territory of Armagnac

In Armagnac, the territory is divided in 3 parts

  • Bas-Armagnac,
  • Ténarèze
  • Haut-Armagnac

which together represent 8000 hectare divided in 3 departments : Gers, Landes and Lot et Garonne

The terroir of the Domain of Luquet

The Domaine de Luquet is located in the western part of Bas-Armagnac, in the department of ‘Les Landes’. This territory has a special soil, clayey and sandy, which is called ‘tawny sands’. That name is linked to the particular brown color of the ferroginous elements and san countains. This area produces light, fruity, smooth and well-reknown Armagnacs.

And taste the Baco, our flagship grape variety !

Hybrid variety, combination of Folle Blanche and Noah, invented by a professor of the department, Mr Baco, as a consequence of the phylloxera crisis, the Baco (full named Baco 22A) is perfectly fit to the tawny sands of Bas-Armagnac. Years after years, this variety has been chosen at Domaine de Luquet for the roundness and smoothness it gives to Armagnacs, after a long time ageing in oak casks.